How Can Your Garden Reduce Your Stress Levels?

How Can Your Garden Reduce Your Stress Levels?

The pace of contemporary life can at times feel relentless, so it’s not unexpected that nearly half million Britons are suffering from an ongoing stress or anxiety disorder, and this is just a matter of cases that are that are related to work. In a world that cannot stop spinning and keeps demanding more and more of everyone around us, it’s essential to have a space to unwind and relax.

If you’re fortunate enough to reside in a house with its own gardens or green spaces and a sense of peace, it is more accessible than you think, when you can enjoy the benefits of stress-reducing gardening. Through this guide we will explore how spending time at the park can significantly improve your mental and physical well-being. Breathe deeply and look at the lush lawn you’ve spent a good amount of time cultivating and get ready for a new lifestyle free of worry!

What are the Health Benefits of Gardening?

Physical Activity

It’s not a secret that exercise reduces the symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. However, we all have a hard time finding the time to squeeze regular exercise in our busy schedules.

The great news is that you do not have to rush to get to the fitness center with your head down and feeling guilty for the cost of an membership that never gets employed – gardening is one of the most effective physical exercises you can do. The NHS suggests around 150 mins of light activity per week, along with some intense muscles and the basic enjoyment of spending time in the garden can add to many of these hours.

Every moment that you spend in your garden whether it’s just taking a stroll and watering your plants is a great way to burn calories. And the longer you’re spending in your garden is the more exercise you’ll provide your body. Furthermore, gardening is believed to be a total body workout which ensures that each muscle is stretched and worked.

The lawnmowers’ push into those obstinate corners, and moving wheelbarrows full of manure and soil, could be beneficial for your upper body strength as well as your legs. Regularly bending your knees and hands to dig into the soil keeps your joints in good shape and well-lubricated (as and also strengthening your lower back) as well as keeping your fingers agile to reduce the possibility of developing arthritis and related conditions later on in the course of. Regular bursts of gardening exercise can benefit your heart of good, as you lift the level of cardiovascular exercise without having to walk around in the streets and pedal the pedals of an exercise bicycle. Seniors can also greatly benefit from an everyday stroll in the garden wearing wellies since this increases their inner stability and balance, dramatically lessening the possibility of falling at home or out in the public.

The best part is, you can also purchase the garden furniture you want and take your break between tasks. The beauty of your private garden will be far more relaxing and enjoyable than the snarls and the squeals of the gym bunnies as you attempt to get five and read your paper!

Growing Your Own Food

An apple every day will keep you healthy and if you add more fresh vegetables and fruits, you’re truly on the right track towards a healthier lifestyle. Instead of going to the grocery store several times each week to refresh your food items However, why you not try cultivating your own food in your backyard in order to be self-sufficient? You’ll save money, be able to exercise outdoors and relish the benefits of eating healthy that are a result of eating a diet that is full of fresh and natural ingredients. Don’t buy ready-to-eat meals and switch your hands to cooking from scratch!

If you’re not sure where to begin your project, don’t worry there’s plenty of books about the subject that can be found on the internet and in every bookshop. It is important to be aware of the pesticides you choose to use to keep away insects in your garden, and make sure that you get ample sunlight at least 6 hours every day to allow the produce to increase in size to its maximum potential. However, beyond this all you have to do is look around. Begin small, and plant only a few things you know you will eat often (possibly famous side dishes such as potatoes or vegetables and fruits like tomatoes and peppers) and then build your own food empire starting from there!

Naturally, the main advantage of cultivating yourself your food source is that you can trace exactly where it comes from and are able to be sure that there are no harmful preservatives or additives are used. You can certainly purchase organic products from the market, however, it’s an expensive way of living. Why pay someone another person a fee to cultivate your food for you and reap the health benefits when you spend time in your garden when you can create your own garden?

Exposure to Bacteria

We’re taught to be afraid of and be wary of bacteria at all costs since it’s the main cause of typical complaints and illnesses like head colds. Perhaps, then, this should be a reason to expose ourselves to the bacteria that could be found in our gardens? It will boost our natural defense against foreign organisms that can cause us to fall ill, and will allow us to spend longer in our gardens and not spend as much time snoring in a blanket.

While there are certainly several uncomfortable diseases and conditions that could be contracted while spending time outside however, they can be prevented with a bit of education and vigilance. Contrary to what you’ve been taught that getting your hands dirty can actually be beneficial. The more dirt that is underneath your fingernails, more you expose your body to bacteria. And as much bacteria that you allow yourself to be exposed to, the more difficult it is for them to get into your body and cause you to feel unwell.

If you have kids in your family, try getting them involved in gardening as soon as they can and possibly even during the womb, since pregnant women are able to greatly benefit their child through outdoor activities. The immune system functions as muscles which can be developed and trained through early exposure. This can make children less likely to suffer from respiratory ailments like asthma as they get older.

It’s possible to take advantage of the outdoors, even if you’re not working on flowers or cultivating yourself food. Simply sitting outside and breathing in fresh air will bring your lungs a lot of good. If it’s within your heart to take part in the garden process take the time to do so and you’ll feel great for it!

Vitamin D Exposure

Outdoor activities offer fantastic opportunities to take in the sun’s rays (just be sure to apply sunscreen in the summer heat) This has a wide range of health advantages. This is because the sun is filling the body with Vitamin D that gives us all the positive. If you happen to glance at your pet and notice they are enjoying the sun, read a chapter out of their book . both dogs and cats know how wonderful they feel when they let their bodies to be flooded in Vitamin D!

Contrary to what it’s called, Vitamin D is actually an internal hormone found in the body and is not an external vitamin which must be consumed via supplements. Our bodies produce Vitamin D by an chemical reaction whenever the sun rays bounce off our skin. The advantages that this interaction brings are numerous.

The primary benefit that Vitamin D provides is the development of calcium in the body. This is vital to all individuals of all ages to ensure that teeth and bones are healthy and strong. The benefits don’t stop there, however, since Vitamin D also further bolsters the immune system, controls how insulin is distributed through the body, and consequently reduces the chance of developing a health condition like diabetes. It also keeps the lungs and the heart well-maintained, and can even lower the chance of getting cancer. It is perhaps the most important aspect in this guide, Vitamin D is also an excellent way to boost your overall mood and is a well-known treatment for anxiety, stress and depression.

Scientists have explained Vitamin D deficiency as a worldwide epidemic. This is very unfortunate since it’s easy to treat – sunshine isn’t expensive for all of us, after all. Go outside and take care of your flower beds or sit on a bench in a relaxed spot and allow the sun’s rays to beat down on you. Whatever you choose, simply enjoy the outdoors and you’ll find yourself rejuvenated in mind and body in no time.

Why Does Gardening Relieve Stress?

Personal Creativity

Have you ever tried to draw, paint, write, or craft? If yes, you’ll be aware that creativity, regardless of your ability level – is a proven way to relieve stress. Within just 45 minutes, you could drastically reduce your level of cortisol (we’ll discuss more about the benefits of this idea in the coming days) by accepting your creative side and what could be more original than creating your own personal oasis as well as personal garden that is tailored to your individual preferences? This is a chance to put your hands on something you own and fill your soul with happiness when you watch the idea you’ve come up with become a reality.

There’s nothing more rewarding than the process of transforming an idea it into reality, and your backyard is the perfect spot to accomplish this. It doesn’t require a professional landscaper. All you need is someone with a dream and the desire to take on the challenge and transform that vision into an actual reality. Start with a relatively empty and barren area of green and determine the best way to bring to the visual appeal and color, then add furniture to make it the perfect space for relaxation where you can unwind, and you’re done! You’ve got all the ingredients of a tranquil mind.

Of course, you don’t have to concentrate your creativity on your garden even if you do not want to (though we’re unable to imagine a reason this is an issue – have you lost sight of all the health benefits we’ve discussed in the past?) It’s always possible to set yourself on an easel and sketch or draw the gorgeous scene in front of you, or grab an eraser and put your pen to writing poetry or a short story. The most important thing in the big scheme of things is that you take the time to take time to be outside and embrace your creativity. If you’re able to scrape a bit of dirt on your nails as you’re at it, that’s great.

Mental Focus and Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness is becoming a popular method to combat anxiety and stress that are an integral part of our contemporary world. Though it’s often believed to be a spiritual practice and a way to clear all thoughts of wearing orange robes or chanting in your head – mindfulness can actually be described as a scientific discipline created to stop our hectic brains from consuming us and preventing us from enjoying the tiny moments of peace that we all need. Do you know of a better location than a garden to engage in this kind of activity?

The concept behind mindfulness is its simplicity simple to being. Imagine the scene. You’re in your backyard and the sun shines lightly on your skin, there’s pleasant breeze blowing through you and you close your eyes, then open them to be amazed by the gorgeous sights of the work you’ve created… Sounds pretty attractive, doesn’t it? It’s a time to be, and focus upon your breathing. You can feel the strain in your shoulders disappear away as if it were not there in the beginning. You can stop to smell the flowers to coin a new phrase.

Sitting still and doing nothing isn’t suitable for everyone, but you can still practice the practice of mindfulness by working out working in your garden. We’ve mentioned that it’s all about living in the present moment and you can practice this while you are gardening, weeding, or cutting the lawn. It’s unlikely that you’ll have for something to do in your garden, and when you’re focused on the task to be completed, all unwanted, negative thoughts will be sucked from your thoughts.

As you work on this weed – and providing your body with a workout during the process You won’t be thinking of the reason you haven’t sent your sister’s birthday cards and the fact that your rent is due next week and you’ve missed the last week of work, or the fact that your car is making a bizarre crackling sound each when you turn it on. That’s the core of mindfulness and another reason why having a beautiful and well-maintained garden will greatly improve your mental well-being.

Reduction of Cortisol

We discussed the significance of reducing cortisol levels in the body, while discussing the power of creativity, but it is undisputed that a gardens can also play significant positive effects upon this process.

The hormone cortisol can be that is produced by the body during situations when it’s stressed. It is responsible for the many symptoms are associated with the disorder, including sweaty palms, a higher heart rate, insanity and hazy thinking. If you can recall any unpleasant physical sensations that you aren’t happy with, it could be blamed on cortisol which means that it’s not a bad idea to try being able to keep it in check. The renowned publication Psychology Today has gone so far as to declare cortisol the number one enemy of society in relation to mental health issues and should give an hint of what issue it could be!

If it is not controlled cortisol could trigger many physical problems such as weight gain or heart diseases However, it can also have equally significant effects on our mental health. It’s not just that we are not able to focus when we’re stressed however, cortisol is closely connected to depression.

When we are outside at our backyards, we manage our emotions more effectively than when we are trapped inside. A large part of this is due in part to Vitamin D that we have mentioned previously, and partly due on the reason that we’re engaged in mindfulness, and refraining from letting our minds wander off to thoughts that aren’t pleasant and also because we’re engaging in physical exercise regardless of whether we are aware of it or otherwise.

In a separate article, we’ve reviewed how vital each of these steps is to for reducing stress and the role that gardens could play in these. Combining them together, you’ll can reduce the cortisol levels which circulate throughout your body, and also preventing cortisol from taking any control over how we feel.

If you can only learn one thing you can learn from this guide I suggest you focus on this sub-heading. It is important to acknowledge the scientific basis of gardening as a means of releasing stress and enjoy everything this enjoyable pastime offers.


If you’re still in need of an additional reason to believe that gardening is a fantastic opportunity to relax and improve your health and wellbeing take a look at this article which recommends that simply gazing at a beautiful garden is beneficial for the mind and body.

It’s now up to you. Are you eager to embrace gardening and take pleasure in spending relaxing in your garden, reaping these benefits to the body as well as your mind? Use these basic guidelines for living a healthy lifestyle, and replenish your garden furniture and create your very own garden, and relish everything that nature can offer in your comfortable home. Get rid of that stress now and go outside!

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