How to Pump Water out of a Rain Barrel?

How to Pump Water out of a Rain Barrel?

Rain barrels are used to collect rainwater from roofs. They usually have a 55 gallon drum, couplings, a hose and screen to keep insects and debris out. These are great for watering plants. However, a water barrel pump will provide you with the right pressure to get better results.

Looking for a Water Barrel Pump?

World Water Reserve explains how you need to consider the type, horsepower, and flow rate of a pump before you choose one for your rain barrel. However, you can also use a small, battery-powered kit pump for smaller operations.

A rain barrel pump will increase water flow from the collection tank to the outlet. Larger collection systems must be reliable and efficient. Do It Best states that the first step in obtaining the right-sized rain barrel is to get it installed. What amount of water does it need? This is generally based on the area of the roof.

For every inch of rainwater, multiply this number by 0.6 Gallons per Square Foot. Copper gutters are not recommended and chemicals should not be used on your roof. Rainwater cannot be used to water edible plants. Jet pumps and submersible rain barrel pumps are the most common.

Pump Types, Power and Kits

Place jet pumps on flat surfaces near a water tank. These water lines are connected to rain barrels by water lines. These pumps are simple to use, durable, and affordable. These pumps are submerged in the water tanks and use centrifugal force (in contrast to jet pumps which pull out the water). Although they cost more than jet pumps, these are quieter than the jet pumps. They are also less visible because they are located inside the tank.

Water barrel pump kits can include a submersible water pump, all parts and extra fittings. Connect your hose to the fitting by screwing the pump fitting into the top. Lower the pump by removing the screen from your rain barrel. Make sure to keep the pump cord straight and the hose straight. Reposition the screen in its original place.

Plug the pump into an outlet to water the rain barrel. Then, water the hose as usual. After you’re done, unplug it. You could cause damage to the pump if you leave it on. You can also link two barrels together with kits.

Pump Installation Basics

Install a battery-powered outside pump (not in the barrel). Measure the depth of your barrel with a tape measure. Add this distance to the location of the pump. A long length of hose should be cut to this length. Next, attach a spade-style drill bit to the drill and drill a hole of 3/4 inch into the lid.

Next, slide the hose down to the bottom by pushing it through the hole. Secure the hose with duct tape. Attach the other end (threaded), to your pump. You can find out the size of your rain barrel by visiting a home or garden supply store, or searching online. Turn it on once it is installed and turn it off when it is finished.

Things You Will Need

  • Duct tape
  • Rain barrel
  • Pump kit or battery-powered pumps
  • Tape measure
  • Length of garden Hose
  • Garden shears
  • Drill
  • Spade-sized drill bit

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