How to reset solar lights?

Solar Lights Are Not Working & How to reset solar lights?

My outside solar lights aren’t working properly. They are brand new and have been with me for only a few days. I’ve checked the solar panel and looked at the batteries. Is there anything that could cause solar lights to stop working? How can I make my solar lights work at night?

13 Methods to Get Solar Panel Powered Lights Working

1. Are the solar lights on?
Solution: Make sure the ON/OFF switch is on and make sure it is ON. You can turn some solar lights on by pressing a tiny button in a small hole with a small piece or metal like a paperclip. Below are some pictures.


2. To check if the solar light is on, have you touched the model’s motion sensor or solar panel with your hand?
Solution To check if the light is on, hold your hand above the motion sensor or the solar panel of some models. If the light does not turn on, make sure to check the batteries as well as the ON/OFF switch.

3. Does the solar light sensor work?
Solution Make sure to check the solar panel or solar motion sensor of some models for any stickers or obstructions. Another problem is that the light might be too low to detect when something is passing by. Place the light in a higher place. To ensure that the light and sensor work properly, you can also try to remove the batteries for 10 min.

4. Is there a pull tab for the battery?
Solution The manufacturer places a small tab between the battery and battery terminal when shipping a solar light. This helps to save battery life. This tab must be removed from your solar light in order for it to light up.

5. Is the battery correctly installed?
Solution to Make sure that the battery or batteries are correctly installed. To verify that the + batteries are correctly installed, open the battery panel.

6. Are the batteries fully charged?
Solution Use a battery indicator to check if the batteries are functioning properly. To test if the sun shines on the solar light, use normal alkaline batteries. If the light does not illuminate, the battery in the solar lamp needs to be replaced.

7. Is the panel clean enough to absorb sunlight?
Solution Dirty, dust, or mud could be on the solar panels, so it can’t absorb the sun’s energy to charge the batteries. Some models may have blinking lights due to the DAY/NIGHT sensor. This problem can be solved by cleaning the solar panel with non-corrosive cleaners.
Some solar panel lights include a DAY/NIGHT light sensor on the solar panel

8. Does the solar panel face the sun?
Solution Make sure your solar panel is in direct sunlight.

9. Are there any trees, flowers, shrubs, sun umbrellas, or other obstructions that could be blocking the solar panel’s ability to work?
Solution If you find that something is blocking your solar panel’s ability to receive enough solar rays to recharge the battery, move the solar light so that the sun shines directly on it.

10. Is the energy consumption of the solar panel’s rechargeable batteries low?
Solution Turn the solar light off, and leave it in direct sunlight for 48hrs. After that, test the light to verify if it lights up.

11. Are you convinced that the rechargeable batteries may be dead or defective?
Solution Replace rechargeable batteries by new, solar-friendly batteries.

12. Have you tried to replace the rechargeable battery but the light is still not working?
Solution: If the solar light is not working properly, you can use a screwdriver to take it apart. Make sure that all wires are connected and that the solder points have not been damaged. Repair if possible.

13. Are the solar lights still not functioning after a battery replacement, repositioning and testing the wiring?
Solution: It is possible that your solar light is defective. The solution may lie in buying new solar lights. If solar lights left out in the sun for too long, they can become damaged and will need to be replaced.

Common Solar Panel Light Questions

Where can I find the light sensor for a solar-garden light?
Answer: If the panel is not visible, look for a small area or “eye” that’s covered. Some models have the sensor located on the solar panel. If the sun is shining, you can place your finger on the area you think the sensor is located. If the light turns ON, you will know where it is. Some solar lights can be motion activated, which means that an object must walk past it in order to activate the light. )

Why are my solar lights on all day?
Answer: It is possible that your solar lights are turned on during the day. This could indicate an issue with either the DAY/NIGHT sensor, or the Motion Sensor. Verify that there is nothing blocking the sensor(s).

Why are my solar string lights not working?
Answered: It is most likely that the rechargeable batteries have failed and are not charging. Make sure that the solar panel isn’t blocked by the sun.

Why do solar lights blink?
Answer Dirt can cause solar battery charging to be impeded. The solar panel should be cleaned. Replace the batteries if the lights continue to flash. Give them some time to recharge. This should resolve the problem.

What kind of solar light do you use?
Answer: Most solar lights use rechargeable AA or rechargeable AAA batteries. This is different from an alkaline AAA or AAA battery. Always replace solar light batteries by similar rechargeable types.

Are you having trouble with your solar lighting? Leave a comment below describing the problem you are experiencing and we will help.

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